This is where
you will Eat Pho

Welcome to Pure Pho & Grill in Cumming. Pho is Vietnamese national dish which contains a high level of nutrition. Vietnam has a very rich history in oriental  medicine and the are that is most impressive is their food therapy. Traditionally, they would cook the Pho with medicinal herbs of the region and season. That is why there are so many different Pho recipes and flavors. It was cooked for local conditions, not just  flavor.


When you’re in the mood for some authentic Vietnamese food, come visit Pure Pho & Grill. Enjoy Vietnamese cuisine with the freshest ingredients.


Spring rolls, Egg rolls, etc.


Vietnamese beef noodles

Rice Dishes

Shaking Beef, House Fried Rice, etc.

House Specials Dishes

Vietnamese sandwich, hot clay pot rice, vermicelli, etc.